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Finding Nevada Wild YouTube

I am constantly learning from and inspired by the Great Basin State, and cool rocks are no exception.

Over on my YouTube, watch along as I source Nevada turquoise with coloring or markings that remind me of a particular Nevada feature, location, or thread history, then travel to that exact spot and turn it into something cool. Nevada-shaped turquoise, from Nevada, made out in Nevada? It’s a slam dunk in my world and I hope find some thrills in it too.

From a Greater Nevada Sage Grouse-inspired pendant, to a Royston Turquoise ring made out in the alkali, to turquoise that celebrates the Toiyabe Mountains and some of Nevada’s best ghost towns made within a ghost town, it’s a wild ride.

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Nevada Pony Express Station
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Finding Jarbidge Wilderness

It’s one of those magic places, Jarbidge Wilderness. Brimming with Western Shoshone and Basque histories, a frontier town that’s refused to die, and true alone-in-nature…

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