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It started with turquoise hat pins, and mostly because I just wanted one for my own hat.

Through the years, my wide brimmed flat hat has become part of my personality, and as I first began to learn to silversmith, I started by making something I wanted to carry with me as I traveled to all my favorite spots along Nevada backroads. In the years since, I’ve expanded my inventory to Nevada bolo ties, pendants, money clips, rings, scarf slides, and cufflinks, with an unending inspiration from the Great Basin State for new products all the time.

Made with love from my silver bench in Reno, everything you’ll find here is Nevada turquoise and variscite—all mined right here in Nevada, made by Nevadans—and backed with sterling silver.

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Song Dog Silver Nevada Ring


Nevada Turquoise Ring


Nevada Ring


Turquoise Nevada Ring


Nevada White Buffalo Ring


Nevada Variscite Ring


Mystic Sage Nevada Ring


Nevada Turquoise Ring


Nevada Turquoise Bolo Tie



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