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PBS Reno Wild Nevada

A partnership that's been in the works for many years, Chris Orr and guest host Sydney Martinez journey through the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation from Wadsworth to Pyramid Lake.

reno news and review, song dog silver, made in nevada, r&r sydney martinez

Reno News and Review

Featured in the Reno News & Review November 2023 edition, read about Song Dog Silver Nevada jewelry and many more holiday gifts to buy from local Reno-based artists.

sydney martinez kolo morning break reno

KOLO Morning Break

What is Sydney Martinez not? Martinez stopped by Morning Break, bringing with her a sample of her exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry, handmade from resources found right here in Nevada.

this is reno, sydney martinez, song dog silver, reno news coverage

This is Reno

All Signs Point to Nevada for Song Dog Silver founder Sydney Martinez of Reno, NV. Read more about it from Nora Tarte on This is Reno.


I think anyone would be hard pressed to find someone who knows more about every corner and inch of Nevada than Sydney. Her knowledge and relationships built all over this state coupled with her storytelling abilities, both written and visual, are incredible.

Lydia Beck

Marketing & PR Manager, Visit Carson City

Spending time with Sydney out on location, basically anywhere in the state of Nevada, is like having the best possible resource with you. Even more than just knowing information and history about all the locations we feature on the show and on the fly, Sydney shares her amazing understanding of the Silver State with a lively sense of humor and flair for how to best communicate it. Sydney has not only a deep appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness that is our Western culture, but is also actively helping create it. She herself is a Nevada icon in the making.

Chris Orr

Host, Wild Nevada PBS Reno

I’ve traveled with a lot of folks in Nevada, and there are few I’d trust more to lead the way than Sydney Martinez. Sydney can point down a valley and read it like a map, with springs and bars and people all marked as points of interest. But more than that, she has a keen sense of the spirit of the place, and how to find it. If there’s anybody that could write about Nevada—not just about what to see, but how to look closer—it’s Sydney Martinez.

Fil Corbitt

Radio Maker, Musician & Writer

Over the course of a career we meet a lot of people, but only a select few really stand out. Sydney's passion and depth of knowledge is clearly embedded in all she does. Her words, imagery, and collaboration with Nevadans have always been first class. She takes the time to get to know more than surface appeal. She digs in and produces gems, both literally and figuratively.

Jan Vandermade

Visit Carson Valley

Sydney’s near-encyclopedic knowledge about the state, and passion and respect for Nevada surpasses anyone in our field. She has an uncanny ability to forge connections with both people and places, which gives her writing an insight and depth rarely seen in journalism today. Along with being an excellent writer, Sydney is also a brilliant photographer. We featured her work myriad times in Nevada Magazine. She infuses energy into everything she writes, while always staying focused on the salient message of the story. Her writing is witty, respectful, informative, professional, and clever. Her skillset is rare, and she is a wonderful human being.

Megg Mueller

Executive Editor, Nevada Magazine

Traveling the length and breadth of Nevada, Sydney has visited its myriad landscapes, its many nooks and crannies, its every far corner. She’s met with the people, immersed herself in the local culture and studied their heritage, always on a quest to know more about the state, to understand its story. Toward that end, she has come to intimately know its history—Sydney is a true student of the history of the Silver State. She exhibits a force that drives her to understand that history and its relationship to the present day. I consider Sydney one of the premier chroniclers and storytellers of Nevada history.

John Ekman

President, Goldfield Historical Society

Some of the best Nevada facts I know are because of Sydney. Her passion for the state, its people, and its wild and rugged history and culture is evident in everything she does. She truly knows how to capture the often-misunderstood beauty of the Nevada desert in her photography, silversmith work, and storytelling.

Lauren Renda


Sydney's personality shows through all of her work. She isn't just content to see statewide attractions, but immerses herself in fishing nearly every lake and stream, hiking the five tallest peaks, and embracing the heritage and culture of the Silver State. Her depth and breadth of knowledge of this state is remarkable. The Stories she has collected will continue to benefit residents and visitors for generations.

Sean Pitts

Director, East Ely Nevada State Railroad Museum

Sydney's unique style of writing describing the numerous statewide places she's visited and the people she's interviewed are always interesting and informative. Her photographs are beautiful and add greatly to her articles, and her quest for history is refreshing.

Allen Metscher

President, Central Nevada Museum & Historical Society

Nevada is a state of extremes that are often hard to reconcile. Sydney has a unique ability to navigate this environment and engage people in a way that fosters curiosity, adventure, authenticity, and respect, all at once, which is a difficult feat for travel industry writers and professionals. Sydney’s ability to combine historical narrative, cultural intimacy, and adventure in her writing, along with a hefty dose of gorgeous photography, is a skill I’ve not seen many master the way she does.

Jim Bertollini

Nevada State Historic Preservation Office

No one knows the Silver State like Sydney Martinez. She knows more Nevadans than campaigning politicians, has the best road trip recommendations, and has photographed nearly every dot on the most detailed map. She’s a visual storyteller with intimate knowledge of people and place. Her photographs are vibrant and have broad appeal. They show the very best of Nevada and inspire wanderlust. As a photojournalist, I’ve covered much of the state and have traveled many of the same roads as Sydney. Her work inspires my jaded eyes.

David Calvert

Visual Storyteller

I received my pendant earlier this week and it is beautiful! It is more stunning in person than the photo on your website. I’ve been wearing it at every opportunity and am so happy with this one of a kind, wearable art! I also love supporting local businesses/artisans. Thanks so much!

Angel Nugent

Song Dog Silver Purchaser

I love Nevada jewelry. The black and turquoise ring was a perfect addition to my collection. Thank you for your kindness.

Michelle Souza

Song Dog Silver Purchaser

Sydney's Nevada knowledge bubbles like a hot spring, warming you with stories, history, geography, geology, and beyond. Her writing is well-crafted. Her research is thorough. Her sources are more than connections; they're her friends, and they span the whole Great Basin. Not to mention her silversmithing is as custom tailored as her wordsmithing. Add her to the list of legendary Nevadans.

Luka Starmer

Media Creator & Nevada Appreciator

What Sydney is making is generational heirlooms. When the time comes that my daughter has to clear out all our crap ‘cause we are gone… something like this is what lives on for generations and carries a story and memory behind it.

Troy Herrera

Song Dog Silver Purchaser

Sydney, I love these pendants! They’re my absolute favorite and you make such beautiful pieces!

Jacqueline Prescott

Song Dog Silver Purchaser

Sydney's talents as a journalist and photographer showcase the raw beauty of the Silver State. Sydney knows Nevada inside and out, every highway and backcountry road, every iconic landmark, and every hidden gem.

Liz Woolsey

Owner, Stargazer Inn & Bristlecone General Store

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