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Finding Boundary Peak & The White Mountains

September 12, 2023
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Make this White Mountains-inspired White Buffalo pendant all yours, right here.

There’s something really special about standing on top of the tallest peak in the most mountainous state in America. Once you’ve summited, staring at your victory from a pool of hot water is even better. From Mammoth Mountain, to Yosemite National Park, boutique lavender and alfalfa farms, ancient bristlecone groves that behold the oldest tree on Planet Earth, high-altitude research stations, and a state-straddling mountain range that bridges Death Valley National Park to some of the best hot springs camping around, there’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to the White Mountains and the high desert topography that surrounds.

Hot Springs Camping

Just barely over the Nevada state line but still squarely within the Great Basin, we’ve long considered the locations featured in this video honorary Nevada both in topography and personality. While we’ve spent tons of time in this west-central section of Nevada doing everything from exploring prehistoric swamps, to checking out some of Nevada’s most famous gold and silver camps, and marveled at truly dark skies, this corner of the Great Basin’s allure has everything to do with the White Mountains. Well that, and a whole lot of hot water waiting for you at its northern end.

Jump in with us to hear more about Boundary Peak, the White Mountains, some of the region’s most famous ghost towns, flowing hot springs (and the view of Boundary Peak from them), and far beyond as we make a White Buffalo Nevada turquoise pendant at the foot of the White Mountains.

Finding Nevada Wild YouTube

I’ve carefully studied and recorded all-things-Nevada for the past decade, and I couldn’t be more excited about this new project over on YouTube. Threading together my knowledge of one of the most overlooked places in America, my Song Dog Silver work, and love of Nevada backroads, if you like what you see I’d sure appreciate your subscription. Making this extra click is easy, free, and really helps me keep this whole thing going.

See my YouTube channel and subscribe right here.

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