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Finding Nevada Ghost Towns: Park Canyon & The Toiyabe Mountains

July 11, 2023
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Make the one-of-a-kind Toiyabe-inspired pendant all yours right here.

Nevada Ghost Towns

There are a lot of different reasons people go into the Nevada desert. For me, it’s always been about unmasking what lies out there in the Sagebrush Sea, and with more 600+ Nevada ghost towns clinging to Nevada’s hundreds of mountain ranges, the list just got a whole lot longer with an unending intrigue as vast as the Great Basin topography. The Great Basin State has more ghost towns than any other state in America with a number that far exceeds Nevada’s populated towns—even then, a large portion of those could be considered living ghost towns, with only a few hundred modern day residents and an economy that’s far from local.

So, what’s the best ghost town in Nevada? That’s something only you can decide after you’ve seen and rambled down every dirt road to them all. For now, jump in the truck and ride along as I take you to one of my absolute faves—an old milling site nestled into the Toiyabe Mountains (Nevada’s longest mountain range) above the always-enchanting Big Smoky Valley, and make a Song Dog Silver Nevada turquoise pendant inspired by it all.

Finding Nevada Wild YouTube

I’ve carefully studied and recorded all-things-Nevada for the past decade, and I couldn’t be more excited about this new project over on YouTube. Threading together my knowledge of one of the most overlooked places in America, my Song Dog Silver work, and love of Nevada backroads, if you like what you see I’d sure appreciate your subscription. Making this extra click is easy, free, and really helps me keep this whole thing going.

See my YouTube channel and subscribe right here.

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