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Pony Express Royston Money Clip


I can’t think of a much more legendary thread of American West history than that of the Pony Express. A bright and hot chapter of history that involved more than 80 orphans who laughed in the face of danger as they rode through many different landscapes with even more weather-related and human challenges, it’s a chapter of our history that sticks with anyone who learns it. With Nevada the home to more Pony Express stations than any other state those fearless riders rode through, this Royston money clip is part of my YouTube series where I make Nevada turquoise out in Nevada, and was made at the site of the Cold Springs Pony Express Station in between Fallon and Austin along the Loneliest Road in America.

This Royston Nevada was mined in the Tonopah region, and made into a cabochon by Denver Otteson. Unlike the other money clips I have listed in my Song Dog Silver shop that are made from stainless steel, this money clip is made with all sterling silver materials including the money clip itself.

Each purchase comes gift wrapped, along with a silver polishing pad for optimal flashiness and a complimentary Song Dog Silver sticker.

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